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It’ll be 70% what you want, but 100% what you need.

WordPress Website Development

Whether you’re on a budget or not, there’s always someone who would be willing to build your website faster and for less money. So why bother with me? Because 90% of people who build websites are terrible at it.

There are dozens of reasons why most people are bad at web development. Here are the top four:

  1. The industry is overflowing with amateurs.
  2. Little downside to delivering a dud.
  3. Beyond programming, a website needs design, optimization, and marketing.
  4. A site needs to both idiot- and future-proof.

My portfolio showcase.

A cross-section of my portfolio of websites.

What you get from me.

Full details available in your customized proposal.

Responsive Design
Tailored for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Includes proven white-hat search engine optimization techniques.
Built on the latest version of the popular WordPress CMS.
Fast Loading
Code and content optimized for the fastest website possible.
Domain & Hosting
Domain name registration and website hosting included for 2 years.
Post-website launch priority support.

What I need from you.

I’ll give you advice on how to get this prepared.

Design Inspiration

If you already know what you like in a website, you can send me examples of existing websites. I’ll use them to inspire my design.


You’ll need to send me all the content you’ll like integrated into the websites (e.g., description of your company, details of your services, office and staff photos, testimonials, etc.).

Access to Existing Ressources

If you already have a domain name and/or a website, you’ll need to provide me with the login credentials to access both. I’ll create a backup of any existing site, as well as prepare whatever needs preparing for the website’s launch later on.

Frequently provided answers.

So how much does one of your websites cost?

It varies. Really.

I build maybe ten websites per year. I’m not looking to churn through cookiecutter sites just to make a buck. I like giving my best to a project. I care more about providing you value that will translate into success.

What’s your turnaround time like?

About 30 days.

If you need a website done fast, I’m not your guy.

I build websites for clients that allow me the flexibility to try out new ideas or refine old ones. I’ve been known to scrap a project halfway in and redo it if I have a better idea (at no extra cost).

Do you do e-commerce website?

I’d need a really good reason to.


Every e-commerce website I’ve ever built has been a royal pain. They’re always harder, more costly, and longer to build than anyone ever expects. Still… I would consider it if for some reason you thought I was the perfect person for the job. I’m not immune to adulation.

How good are you at graphic design?

I’ve got a good eye.

I’m not a graphic artist at all.

I’m all about spacings, fonts, animations, and the like. I enjoy pixel perfectitude, and functional forms, and intuitive backends. So interfaces and layouts are my jam. I’d rather make a website load two seconds faster than draw a picture.

Reach out for more info.

The more salient details you provide, the faster I'll respond.

Tom Hartman