The Gold Bar Conundrum

Not so simple selling gold.

Next Talk DateOctober 24, 2020
Duration1 hour
Location122-220 Pine Ave. W.
Montreal, Qc
H2W 1R9

There are three fundamental questions that need to be answered before a business can be successful over the long-term:

  1. How is your offering better than what already exists?
  2. How can someone be sure you’re not a very convincing liar?
  3. Why aren’t you spending your time doing something easier?

If a business focuses on these three points and solves for them, it greatly increases it’s probably of thriving. What’s perhaps more controversial is that garnering interest for a good or service in any other way almost certainly requires various forms of deception.

What people take away from the talk.

They’ll definitely learn more about mining and selling gold, that’s for sure.

Straightforwardly going on and on about value propositions, reputation engineering, and corporate transparency can be lifeless. That’s why I use the surprisingly fascinating world of gold mining and selling to make my point. By the end of the talk, people not only have a mechanism for deciding what next steps they should pursue in their business, but they also might be appropriately wary of their previous marketing tactics.

All my talks are lively and borderline theatrical. This one, in particular, is my favorite and captures the audience’s attention right from the get-go.

What I take away from the talk.

I make a comiss

The Q&A portion at the end of the talk is crucial for the audience as a group to be able to crystallize their understanding. But it is also necessary for the evolution of my own ideas on the subject.

I welcome both challenges to my opinion and new information. I want those head-scratching questions that compel me to learn more. It is useful for the audience to see any holes in my understanding so that we all grow together. I’ve no qualms admitting to not knowing something.

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