Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for You

It’s not your fault. And there is hope.

Next Talk DateNovember 21, 2020
Duration1 hour
Location122-220 Pine Ave. W.
Montreal, Qc
H2W 1R9

It is useful to dismantle three erroneous assumptions people tend to have about social media marketing:

  1. Social media platform investments are depreciative.
  2. Reach and engagements metrics are misleading.
  3. Engineered virality is a pretty bad, no good thing.

It doesn’t take much to dispel these notions. Once they are gone, a-ha moments start popping up inside people’s minds. They generate their own solutions with healthier, longer-lasting goals.

What people take away from the talk.

It’s all about those tweetable moments, ain’t it?

Given the obscure and opaque nature of social media marketing, it is useful to look to other areas for comparison. This talk uses analogies in entertainment, equity markets, and health to help listeners gain understanding through theory triangulation.

This entertaining talk aims for accessibility. In targeting the foundations of the audiences’ assumptions, less effort is required to achieve greater results.

What I take away from the talk.

I’m learning too!

The Q&A portion at the end of the talk is crucial for the audience as a group to be able to crystallize their understanding. But it is also necessary for the evolution of my own ideas on the subject.

I welcome both challenges to my opinion and new information. I want those head-scratching questions that compel me to learn more. It is useful for the audience to see any holes in my understanding so that we all grow together. I’ve no qualms admitting to not knowing something.

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Tom Hartman