What is Adventure Marketing?

a.k.a. There’s something fishy going on in Marketing.

Adventure Marketing is a tongue-in-cheek name for a type of white hat marketing that aims at aiding a prospect instead of being a distraction.

There are approximately seventeen trillion types of marketing. For the most part, each flavour of marketing is simply a wrapper for sets of tactics or strategies (e.g., video marketing, ambush marketing, loyalty marketing). Others focus on the environment, state of mind, medium, and outcome. Their benefit lies entirely in their usefulness as shorthand.

Adjective-plus marketing terms too often detract from the ultimate goal of capital “M” marketing. Then again that would depend on what you think the purpose of marketing is.

If the objective is purely to increase conversions, then you should use whatever means are at your disposal to achieve that end.

If, instead, you believe that Marketing is about making sure that those who would experience a net benefit by taking part in your offering are made aware of it, then there are some types of marketing practices that are constructive and others that are destructive.

Not unlike the difference between prosperity and abundance, Adventure Marketing is a constructive set of principles that offers a reflective framework for marketers which has at its core meaning instead of metrics. These principles are value, transparency, and reputation. Or in plain-speak: solve a problem, tell the truth, and be reliable.

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On the principles of Adventure Marketing

Real word of mouth is the metric of success for an adventure marketer. Yet they don't bother targeting it. Instead, they focus on providing ever-improving value while reliably staying true to a clear ideal.

Tom Hartman