Time for a little about me.

The Journeyman Sage

Hi, I’m Tom Hartman. I will gladly dedicate myself to making your project successful in whatever way I can.

What is a web professional?

Well, it’s a vague term which means I’m very useful at doing a lot of different things on the Internet. I can code, design, write, optimize, market, and guide people through the pitfalls of building a business on the web.

Wouldn’t it be better to specialize in a particular area?

I used to think so. But it turns out that it’s far more useful to hire someone who knows a large amount across multiple fields then specialists. For one thing, specialists cost more and you need more of them. Plus you still need someone who knows enough about each discipline to manage the troupe. With oodles of money you can do that. Otherwise, you need a generalist.

Also, my passion is in assisting business owners to achieve success. Writing a clever piece of code or designing a beautiful website is satisfying, but artists don’t save you money. A consultant with an entrepreneurial mind does.

Why do you split your time between doing and teaching?

Docendo discimus.

(By teaching, we learn.)

Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – 65 AD)

While a teenager, I learned that the best way to learn something is to explain it to another. It shores up your own understanding and the feedback leads you to new lines of thought.

So I’ve been teaching for decades. Whether to high school dropouts working to earn their diploma or to companies learning marketing techniques in the uncertain world of the Internet.

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Tom Hartman